Light em up, up, up

Today is my second instalment of MAC trend Spring/Summer 2014.

Light FX

Get rid of you bronzers guys and gals (not literally, that would be a crime) but this trend is all about luminous, bright and highlighted skin. Now trust me I know how hard its going to be to give this trend a go for some of you (myself included), I’m really attached to my Tarte amazonian clay bronzer and don’t think I could live without it! Light FX is all about fresh, light up and pure skin, its becoming a key part to the modern makeup look, its about using the highlighter to enhance the high points of your face in such a way that you won’t need bronzer too (a natural contour with no colour).

Ok so heres a couple of suggestions for you, of course I’m going to start with a MAC product seeing as it is a MAC trend!

MAC shaping powder in the colour Emphasize

Its more white than yellow and has a little shimmer, which is just glorious! This is perfect for pale skin tones.


Next up, for those of you who will still be clutching at your bronzer brushes, Sleek face contour kit.

It still has a contour option if your withdrawal systems are going to be too much and the highlighter is exquisite! They come in light, medium and dark.


Let me know what you think of this trend and my product suggestions, leave me a comment below 🙂

Tut x

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