My Lipsticks Of The Moment!

Hello I’m Tut and I’m a lipstick junkie…..

Seriously it was hard to narrow it down to five but i thought it was a good number!

So we re going of the image from left to right 🙂

1. Kat Von D-Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Homegirl.

Its matte, its dark, its sexy and the packaging is to die for! It lasts on my lips all day and is a perfect for Autumn/Winter! I’ll also admit that I lurrrrrve Kat Von D!

2. Next up may be my overall fave for ever and ever! MAC-Matte Lipstick in the shade Styled In Sepia.

Its a matte, stoney nude, very nineties and goes perfectly with the MAC lipliner Stone. I absolutely adore this so much that because its collection, meaning not permanent, I have bought four! A little excessive maybe but I’ve nearly gone through one of them!

3. Is another from Kat Von D- Foiled Love Lipstick in the shade Oh My Goth.

These are literally the best metallic finish lipsticks I’ve tried! I have three different shades and they are so cool and very effective. These lipsticks would be great for a Christmas party.

4. Tom Ford- Indian Rose

I feel like as soon as I say this it will sell out but this is the perfect shade for the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip hype! It has a bit of shine to it but remember matte makes lips look smaller and a bit of shine makes them look bigger! It leaves a lovely finish, is delightfully creamy in texture and just a dream to wear!

5.Last but certainly not least MAC-Viva glam Rhianna 2

This is a frost lipstick which means its more about the finish than the colour pay off. This to me is a colour changing lipstick, what I mean by that is I use lots of different liners with this all over the lip first then apply this on top to make it look a bit different. It works amazing on top of MAC lip liner in the shade Bittersweet, which is basically a really dark brown. With this on top it gives it a metallic, iridescent finish! To die for!

Tell me your top 5!

Tut x


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