September Favourites!

Its the end of the month! Which means… Its favourites time! So this will be my first favourites on my blog and what better way to start than with my birthday month!

Ill kick this off with a birthday bang and say thank you to all the people who made my birthday special you are my favourites!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.05.39

(I was 22 not 6 by the way my Mum’s a cheapskate when it comes to candles haha! Beautiful cake though, right!)

Right on to the good stuff…

My next favourite will not only surprise you but me as well, its the lasting gel colour from Collection in the shade Pink Sorbet 14.


This is it on my nails, its actually the perfect no nail polish look for my skin tone but its more peach in colour than pink, not a great name choice in my opinion.  Saying that its £3.19 on the Boots website so I can deal with the name! It just lasts so well and is a great option when your unsure of what nail colour to pair with your outfit as its chic, classy and goes with literally everything(love the wide brush for easy application too)! My top coat and base coat are also quite amazing in my opinion, they are an all time favourite … Butter London nail foundation and the Hardwear top coat.

Up next (the amazing) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.


Move over Bioderma theres a new boss in town and she’s way more affordable! If you didn’t know bioderma isn’t readily available in the UK and when you do find it its not cheap so thanks Garnier for bringing out this equally (in my opinion) amazing cleansing water. Use with cotton pads to remove makeup and cleanse the face, its so much better than using wipes and my face just feels so much cleaner! I do also use a Clarisonic (all time favourite) with a face wash but I’m seeing a noticeable difference now that I have stopped using wipes and started using this. Its great if you really sensitive skin as well! Bonus! As if it wasn’t already a life changer its on offer at the moment in Boots as part of a 3 for 2 on skincare deal! Normally priced at £4.99.

Now we have the Clear Improvement mask by Origins.


First off I feel that I should warn you this does not in anyway look attractive when its on your face but great if you wanna get your little brother back and scare the hell outta him! Haha! True story! Moving swiftly on to why I love this product so much… Well to begun with its been compared to a very expensive mask called Glamglow which has a similar concept to the clear improvement mask and is double the price. The charcoal in the mask draws out blocked pores like a magnet, white clay absorbs any environmental pollutants and lecithin dissolves those impurities. I use it 2-3 times a week and then use my normal skincare routine thats in my previous blog. My face feels clean, not tight, looks bright, refreshed and my break outs when I get them (hardly ever) are much smaller and go away quickly.

Now for my version of the Kylie Jenner lip!

tomford-privateblend-lipcolor-indianrose SONY DSC

MAC Whirl lip liner and Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose.

MAC lip liners are just the best! They frame your of course but they make your lip look last so well and the colours are just on point! Now I’m cheating on MAC with Tom Ford it started small with just an eyeshadow palette but now its a full blown affair! I’ve tried pencils, eyeshadows, shade and illuminate, perfumes and now lipstick. This is the creamiest, most pigmented, luxurious lipstick I have ever used and I’m gonna be so sad when it runs out, I’ll will have to buy a back as I can never be without it now!

Let me know your favourites!

Tut x

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