Whats in my Holiday makeup bag?!

holibobmakeupholibobmakeupI don’t know about you but one of my hardest decisions to make in life is…… What to pack in my makeup bag, for my holiday!

I know theres real problems that I should worry about but i just can’t help it!

Do I just throw in a mascara, bronzer and lipgloss? Or Do I go full on and pre plan a look for every night, meaning I’ll need about 10 lips products 10 eyeshadows and Oh i’ll just take it all?

Do you see? I’m just too indecisive!

Well I think I’ve found a happy medium (I hope) But i’m not making any promises that I won’t chuck a few more things in last minute. I just can’t help myself, its an addiction!




BB Cream in Medium because it gives coverage without being too heavy

Kelly Osbourne eyebrow duo in Morning Mister Magpie and Lipstick in Dodgy Girl because I love Kelly and purple lips

Alluring Aquatic extra dimension bronzer in Aphrodites Shell  because its mineral based and feels glorious on the skin

Magnetic nudes extra dimension mineralize skinfinish in Superb because I can use it as shadow too


Dramatically different moisturising gel because skincare is the key to the finished look and this does the job perfectly

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Clear brow gel because my eyebrows have a mind of their own

Kat Von D

Esperanza Palette because its gorgeous and has beautiful summery shades

Sin-Full Mascara because I love big lashes

Tattoo Liner because its the easiest one to use that I’ve tried


Face form in Light (bronzer/contour, blush and highlight in one) because it has it all and I can use them as eyeshadow


Magnificent Metals foil finish Eye shadow in Orange gold because everyone should have a bit of sparkle in they’re lives

 This of course doesn’t include brushes, primers and Riot house lipstick from the Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection (sorry but I did warn you).

Whats in yours?

Tut x

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